You can remember everything

Yes, you can. This is possible. How? Let me tell you a story about how you forget things (so that we can know how to hack it). Ready?

How we remember (or rather forget) things

You acquire some amount of information. Either on the college or when you learn stuff. Not really important here. We can assume the moment you get to know information, you remember (almost) 100% of it.

As time pass you forgot some % of acquired knowledge. After a day you remember only 50% of it.

What happens later? You guessed it. You remember less and less.

What you see above is called a “forgetting curve”. And by the way, the values above are just rough estimation just to communicate the idea.

And you know what? I think it sucks. The fact that you spend your time, money and energy to get the knowledge you need and forget it the next day… It has to be a better way.

And it is!

Meet spaced repetition

The idea behind spaced repetition is simple: you review the material before you forget it. That’s it – end of the story.

Congrats, you hacked it.

But how do I know when to review what?

And here is the moment when awesomeness of software comes in and empowers people to accomplish great things.

The point is: you don’t know. Software does.

This is the kind of software I’m going to build here. Intrigued? Stay tuned!